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Foundation problems can strike when you least expect it. Whether it is a leaky basement or a cracked foundation, you want to make sure you choose Hamilton’s best foundation repair and waterproofing company to solve your issues as quickly as possible at a reasonable price. Let’s discuss your issues!

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Waterproof membrane along foundation

Waterproofing in Hamilton

For new home construction or modifications to existing homes in the Hamilton area, waterproofing is an essential part of maintaining a dry basement. 

Protect against unwanted moisture, leaks, and maintain a steady temperature and humidity level in your Hamilton home with proper and professional basement waterproofing.

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Structural & Foundation Repairs

A strong foundation promotes a strong and stable home. If you’re facing cracks in your foundation, a shifting block foundation, or any number of foundational issues, contact JR’s Waterproofing and Structural Repair.

We provide free quotes and site inspections for structural repairs throughout the Hamilton area. Be confident that your home is in good hands so that you can return to a state of peace-of-mind with a strong foundation.

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Excavating & Debris Removal

If you require excavating services or debris removal at your residence or development site in Hamilton, please reach out to us.

Our excavating machinery and manpower is at your disposal for trenching, digging, well-making, foundation preparation, or simply for removing debris such as concrete or fill.

A Fresh Dig for a New Foundation
Freshly Poured Concrete Patio

Renovations & Additions

Many renovation projects require the use of concrete to expand or add additional living space or recreation space to your home.

For renovations such as decks, walk-out basements, or home extensions, we are here for the concrete foundations on which your project will be supported.

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NEW: Home Inspections

We are now offering foundation inspections to compliment your home inspection when buying or selling real estate.
This service provides the extra assurance you need to discover the early warning signs of existing or potential foundation issues.

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All work is backed by a warranty certificate. If there are any issues with our work, we will make it right at no charge.

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